18 Sep Angel Vianna

This paper presents a profile from Angel Vianna (dancer, choreographer, researcher and Doctor in Dance at UFBA), willing to demonstrate how she have deepened her knowledge in dancing through her need of exploring corporeality per a most sensitive sight related to its organic and singular expressiveness. It also reveals wherewith her artistic-pedagogic process was always based in interdisciplinarity since her beginning in the 1950’s (together with her life and artistic partner Klauss Vianna), throughout the 1970’s as the Body Expression emerges, up to the current days when she allowed herself the proficuous interaction with varied somatic techniques. For that matter, her itinerancy is reinforced as a medium that took her to many brazilian and foreign cities in the search to align her life philosophy with her artistic praxis based in the critic awareness about the educational and creation fields, which reverberate in the Brazilian Contemporary Dance Aesthetics.

By Ana Vitória Freire


Dance and Corporeality. Somatic Techniques and Self Awareness. Dance and Inclusion. Art and Education.

Dancer and choreographer from Bahia, PhD in Performing Arts from UNIRIO (2015) in the line of performances of the body. Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Course in Body Preparation for the Performing Arts at FAV and professor at Faculdade Angel Vianna (2001). Award-winning choreographer; APCA-1997, Mambembe-1998 and Rio Dança-1999. For 26 years Ana Vitória has been developing and deepening her artistic/pedagogical research on creation from memory and autobiography, supported by Performance Studies. His investigative system – (Re) Affective Learning – is positioned in the intertwining between life and art and poetic-performative action. This is the theme of her thesis, which will be published in a book in 2019.

Ballerina, choreographer, researcher and dance master, understands the organicity, the expressive singularity and the need for a more sensitive body, reaching the present day with the interdisciplinary aspects of various somatic practices. Angel Vianna, was the interviewee of the Persona section of Repertorio n. 31, check: