(Intersection) (Premiere in May 2022 Faro – Portugal)

Artistic Residency and field research – from OCTOBER 2021 to APRIL 2022





The performative exhibition ENCRUZILHADA was born from encounters – from Artistic Residencies in villages and communities from the North to South of Portugal – with women that live in  the context of social silence and invisibility, and on the borderlines of their cities’ cultural events, who bravely and generously shared their stories and memories about their matriarchal heritage and legacies for this project.

In this ritual performance, AnaVitória places herself in the center, a place of crossings and crossroads, giving body, affective tones, voice and presence to the memory of the women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in their spiral time, in an attempt to seek and recover the ancestral helplessness of matriarchal chains in which great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters, know little about their heritage and history. Here, the performative ritual of celebration for our ancestors operates in consonance to the thought of art as what set off human existence.

In the visual exhibition, the photographs mark a moment of eternity for women who placed themselves in front of a camera with the promise of surviving time and its erasure, who now give us the chance to recompose them, recreate them, and give them a back story, a poetic existence of their feminine universe, so unique and intimate but no less collective, that shared among other women of anonymous faces, anonymous stories and missing bodies, now reconnect.





Ficha Técnica




Artistc Direction, Installation and Performance  – AnaVitória

Sound Design – Nuno Veiga

Cenography Installation –  Cristovão Neto

Costumes – AnaVitória e Eloísa D’Ascensão

Props- Márcia Ganem e Eloísa D’Ascensão

Vídeo Installation of Encruzilhada – AnaVitória e Pedro Nunes Senna

Fotography – Bruno Veiga

Vídeos Registration – Bruno Canas

Executive production – Carla Reis e AnaVitória

Design – Gabriela Horta / Nucleo i

Rua do Açúcar, n. 76 • Marvilla • Lisboa • Portugal • Código Postal : 1950-009 +351 967189069 (PT) • +55 (21) 999683585 (BR)