Affective (re)learning – memory and autobiography to recover affection

It’s an investigative system inside the performing arts field, createdand directed by the choreographer Ana Vitória, based on her artisticand pedagogical practice since the 90’s. The artist continuously buildsand elaborates further the outline and dialogue with other knowledgeareas such as performance studies, anthropology and somaticpractices.

This system is validated particularly by the advance that art studieshave accomplished as a specific approach to thought organizationand knowledge interface with the contemporary subject/artist’s life.

Its purpose is to advance in the expanded research field of performingand choreographic arts to give the researcher/artist/subject the toolsto help them in the search of a singular authorial way of expressingthemselves. The body is seen as a place of legacy, inscription andretransmission of knowledge (roots, source, ancestrality andinheritance) and the purpose is to get closer to your own singularity,life history thus repossessing oneself.

It searches to reconnect one to the body/cultural motivations basedon an affective cartography to recover the scars written in the bodyand (re)incorporate movements to (re)create other sensitive fields ofaffection.

It accesses this way the body archives that are continuously built overgesture structures and recovers sensory-affective behaviours, feelingsand states that communicate presences and experiences, disruptingthe formal concepts of art creation.
Through personal history, the intertwining between life and art andthe poetic-performing act, the subject is conducted and instigated toinvestigate, explore and finally to create their own personaldramaturgy (self performance) and the affections with the otherspectator and player from his proposition.

This work is developed by university institutions in graduation andpost-graduation courses, study and research groups, creativecollectives; as workshops in dance, theater or visual arts festivals, art-
education seminars, clinical art, body therapy and somatic practicesevents; as training course to many fields linked to corporeity; asprivate and collective body practice treatment; as body training foractors and movement direction to theater plays, choreographiccreations to dance companies, groups and performers.

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