AnaVitória (1969) brazilian/portuguese artist, choreographer, performer and researcher, who lives in Portugal. From 1995 to 2016, she directed her dance company Cia Ana Vitória Dança Contemporânea, where she created more than 31 choreographies.

She holds a Doctor Degree in Performing Arts and develops in partnership with educational institutions, learning centers and dance companies her artistic-pedagogic research on creative investigation from autobiographical memories and affection recovery.

Her work as an author-performer started early on her career, which already pointed to her restless curiosity on searching for her own work as an author, self writer, self performer and the dialogue with many expressive forces in her artistic universe.

Her scenic performance developed gradually from gesture language to the occupation of the performance locations, in the search of getting closer to her interlocutors/spectators as her last creations confirm by assuming the presence of the object as a founding part from her performing installations.

AnaVitória’s engagement with her own artistic and pedagogic world is above all ethical, as she puts her own body to service of an artistic speech as a trigger for humankind’s existence. Art and life are mutually integrated and implicated in her creative processes, where intersection from visual and plastic arts with somatic practices linked to body therapeutics, anthropological body studies and documental archive are to be seen, as her last creations since 2009 confirm – they’re the territory explored by the choreographer to constitute her affective cartography.

Mini Bio

Post-Doctorate Degree in Performance Arts (Faculdade de Motricidade Humana da Universidade de Lisboa – Portugal) and PhD. Degree in Performing Arts – Body Performances (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO/Brasil). Adjunct Coordinator from the Professional Master Course in Contemporary Dance – PPGPDAN from Faculdade Angel Vianna and from the Post-Graduation Course in Body Training to Performing Arts – FAV/Brasil. Research Partner at Inet-MD (FMH-UL-Portugal), Sens-Lab (Canadá) and NEPAA (Núcleo de Estudos da Performance Afro-Ameríndia – Brasil).

Since 2018 she lives in Portugal, where she continues to develop her artistic-pedagogic work on self performative poetics.

She is also an awarded choreographer; Best Choreographer APCA Award – 1997, Best Choreographer Mambembe Award – 1998 and RIO DANÇA Award – 1999, among others. Her work is acknowledged in Brazil and abroad. Her repertory counts with over 30 choreographic and performatic works among solos as author-performer and shows to dance groups and companies. Her authorial work caught the attention to brazilian and international companies that invited her to create and recast her choreographic works.

2003 her dance company Cia Ana Vitória Dança Contemporânea was chosen to integrate the subvention program to dance companies from Rio de Janeiro City.

She was a resident choreographer from São Paulo Cia de Dança, Ballet Guaíra, Ballet da Cidade de Niterói, Cia Vacilou Dançou and Grupo Tápias, Cia da Cidade, among other. She also acted as Advisor and Curator from Joinville Festival from 2010 to 2012 and was a member from the Artistic Council at Rio de Janeiro City and Funarte/RJ.

Her choreographic plays “O Exercício de Dom Quixote” – 2005 and “Manuelagem” – 2006 premiered with great success in Rio de Janeiro and were both nominated as best shows in those years.

In 2008 Ana Vitória creates “La Mariée” , a solo play conceived to Ana Botafogo, the Prima Ballerina of Rio de Janeiro City Theater, and “Cirandas Cirandinha” , opening show to the contemporary dance scene to children’s audience. Both shows were nominated by O Globo and Jornal do Brasil Newspapers as Best 2008 Show.

From 2010 on, Ana Vitória starts creating her Performing Installations Trilogy – “Afinal o que há por trás da coisa corporal?” (What is behind the corporal thing, after all?), “Pulsão do Laço” (Ribbon Pulsion) and “Ferida Sábia” (Wise Wound) – based on her research on autobiography, memory and singularities from the feminine universe. In “Ferida Sábia”, the master of contemporary dance Angel Vianna (1928 – ) joins her to perform about rites of passage, taboos, invisibility and silencing of women. In 2016 “DSÍ” premieres, a Performing Installation based on artist Lygia Clark’s proposition over Self Structuration and the dialogue about body memory performed by artist Carolyna Aguiar. These shows were presented at Centro Cultural dos Correios/RJ, Cavalariças do Parque Lage/RJ, Museu Rodin – Palacete das Artes/ BA, Centro Cultural Hélio Oiticica/RJ, Art Clark Center/ RJ, Galpão das Artes Tom Jobim/ RJ, Sesc Santo Amaro/SP, Festival Dança em Trânsito – Casa França Brasil/RJ, Festival de Dança do Cariri/CE, Ocupação Angel Vianna – Itaú Cultural/SP, Festidança – Fundação Cassiano Ricardo – São José dos Campo/SP, Festival 70+ – Praça das Artes/SP, Aldeia Vale Dançar- Sesc-Petrolina/PE, etc.

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